My Favorites ~

Our New Orleans Studio: Fat Cat Flowers 


(^Sarah Winward)

Floral Design~

Honey of a Thousand Flowers~ Sarah Winward

Flower Wild

Moon Canyon

Holly Chapple

Floret Flower Farm


Waterlily Pond Studio

Shotgun Floral Studio

Flora Savage

Fox Fodder Farm

Asrai Garden

Ariella Flowers

Ariel Dearie Flowers



Argerie Villalobos

Wedding Blogs~

Stone Fox Bride

East Side Bride

Green Wedding Shoes

100 layer cake

style me pretty 

Cooking Blogs and Spirits~

Post Punk Kitchen

Not Without Salt

Sycamore Bar and Flower Shop


Pal’s Lounge

Three Muses

Love, Astrology, and other Bliss~

Mystic Mamma

Susan Miller ~ Astrology Zone

Gratitude Twenty-Four Seven

The Minimalists



Rumi Love


Mark Oran Wilson Photography

Jack Ritchey

Jill Devries

Jennifer Sosa

Jose Villa

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