Quaint and Whim

Last month, I had the pleasure of being interviewed and photographed by the lovely TahJah Harmony of Quaint and Whim. Please click the link below to view the blog.


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February 24th, 2015

To become a master at anything requires hard work, dedication, and wonderful mentors. Within the floral design world, there are many beautiful styles and techniques to learn or un-learn. I tend to gravitate towards a more natural organic look within arrangements. A great designer named Paul Norman once told me,

‘ Let the shape and direction of the flower dictate its own path within the design.”

Is it to far of a stretch to also use this as a metaphor for my life choices at the moment? I am a very blessed lady, with an amazing boss and mentors (as well as a delightful paycheck every week for my line of work). I also get to live in New Orleans, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I have a partner who loves me and would accompany me on any adventure I wanted to go on. Yet, I can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. I want to be my own boss one day, though I know right now is not the appropriate time. I want to travel and be inspired by some of my favorite designers out there. Why is money such a blessing and a curse, and why can’t I make up my mind as to what my next steps should be?

I’ve never been a fan of routine. I’ve always subconsciously rejected it. (That could also be why I haven’t written a blog post in 6 months.) It could also be why I’ve had trouble establishing the steps I should take to reach my long-term goals. I recently read a book called “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”. In the book, the author debunks the “passion mindset” that there is some random passion everyone needs to find to be happy in their work (which is what I believed for years and years). He brings up ideas of “career capital” (mastering rare and valuable skills), placing “little bets” (or taking on small steps, tests, and projects to help give you direction in your career), and developing a mission for yourself that will benefit the world in someway. I believe I am in the developing “career capital” and placing “little bets” phase of my art and work. I think in order for me to be successful I need to learn to love routine. I’d ideally like to wake up very early, eat breakfast, meditate, read, practice yoga, and get perfectly dressed before work in the mornings. I believe this would give me more clarity and help me decide what “little bets” I should be taking next.

This is such a beautiful world to feel lost in. I hope to find a new adventure soon.


New Orleans Flower Grower Association

hi folks, I recently began collaborating with the New Orleans Flower Grower Association. These rad ladies are beating the heat and growing beautiful flowers in our Louisiana weather. They are part of the “farm-to-vase” movement, and are changing the flower game in New Orleans. Below is a link to a Nola.com article on them, and one of the studios called Pistil and Stamen!


pistil and stamen design

Floral Photo-shoot @ Race and Religious

AHHH I’m so excited about this!! Check out these beautiful photographs!

I had such great time designing and styling this beautiful photo-shoot around flower crowns and one of my favorite New Orleans venues, Race and Religious.

I’m so thankful for my beloved brother Mark Oran Wilson Photography, and my dear friends who helped me pull this off.



RaceandRegliShoot-9406 RaceandRegliShoot-9571


RaceandRegliShoot-9572  RaceandRegliShoot-9661 RaceandRegliShoot-9674  RaceandRegliShoot-9596 RaceandRegliShoot-9589 RaceandRegliShoot-9586 RaceandRegliShoot-9633   RaceandRegliShoot-9355 RaceandRegliShoot-9340 RaceandRegliShoot-9237 RaceandRegliShoot-9245 RaceandRegliShoot-9250 RaceandRegliShoot-9206  RaceandRegliShoot-9040  RaceandRegliShoot-9097



Venue: Race and Religious

Photography: Mark Oran Wilson

Hair: Argerie Villalobos

Models: Hope Thomas, Colleen Dye, Sylvia Hughes Gonzales, David Noellert, Megan Coates, Amber Scroggs, Brittany Comeaux

Caring for Orchids

OOOOooo So My plant guru friends might be like… DUH… but I just found out the best place for an orchid (indoors) would be near a NORTH facing window. That way it never gets sunburned!! The photo below is linked to a “caring for orchids” website. Check it out!



~rainy days and rose colored wine~

Sometimes, I dream about delving into delicious habits like sailing and learning about wine. I’d love to befriend a wealthy vintner on the coast of Italy and deliver them flowers on bike. Hopefully, I would receive tastes of delectable wine and cheeses and live happily ever after right? In the mean time, there is always google for wine info. Thank the universe for it’s the season for rose colored wine.