Stone Fox Bride

Alright, so this is one of my favorite blogs and wedding boutiques. Molly Guy knows what a modern hip bride (and groom) want. I follow her on instagram and check out her blog and site more often than I should admit. Her style is legit and gorgeous, and I would recommend any lovely lady (single or hitched) to follow her around.  I do have to say that her flower prices are ridiculous, but that might just be the Louisiana in me gawking at her New York.

Stone Fox Bride

Stone Fox Bride


Louisiana Derby

The Fairgrounds is hosting the Louisiana Derby on March 29th! And we all know what that means…. Gorgeous Horses, Fantastic Hats, and MINT JULEPS!

How Delicious does this sound?

Lavender Mint Juleps!


Crushed Ice


Lavender Sprigs


Simple Syrup


your welcome